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"The Girl in the Dream"

Season 1, episode 1


At prestigious King’s College, scholarship student Emma Young studies while coping with a haunting, recurring nightmare. One roommate ignores her, one flirts, and an unexpected event brings the six housemates closer.

"Through the Looking Glass"

Season 1, episode 2


Stunned by Sophie’s death, Emma tries to comfort Alex which only further divides them. The housemates try to comfort each other. When Emma makes a discovery that provides their first clue, Josh pulls in closer.

"Where it Gets Weirder"

Season 1, episode 3


Emma, Josh, and Davis all discover they share something in common with Sophie, which only confuses outsiders Clark and Grace and further distances Alex from the group.

"Sleep to Grow"

Season 1, episode 4


Emma searches for a meaning to the secret; Grace and Josh discuss karma and a connection to Sophie; and Davis and Clark grapple with dreams and the idea of soulmates. Clark tries to act on his deeply hidden feelings.

"Circular Logic"

Season 1, episode 5


Recalling the epic end of term party, each roommate tells their version of events to the police, obscuring facts and trying to protect one another, while we learn more about circumstances surrounding Sophie’s death.

"Lost Along the Way"

Season 1, episode 6


Clark finally reveals his feelings towards Emma, Grace makes a move on Davis. Josh aligns with Alex, and everyone’s loyalty and innocence is called into question.

"Keeps Me Up At Night" 

Season 1, finale


Emma and Alex discuss the shared dream and what it could mean. Alex experiences her own strange dream. Clark and Alex make a chilling discovery and Emma figures out how all the housemates are connected.

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